Android Application

Spatial Data Viewer

Spatial Data Viewer is an Android Application which allows user to view maps on an Android Phone. This application uses vector data for Maps which helps in offline browsing. Spatial Data Viewer has detailed data about small small places and maps, which will allow users to get detail information about places on earth(Roads, Railways, Health facilities, etc). One can download maps from the server. The Graphical User Interface is Made to perfection for easy and efficient use by its users of any age group. The on screen controls helps in easy access.

Operational Efficiency:-

Panning, Zoom in, Zoom out, Fit to window:-

As this application uses Vector data these operations are very efficient handled And Multi-touch controls for zoom in and zoom out makes in very easy to use.

Label Controls:-

The label control helps user to set label's visibility as per user need. It also helps users to increase and decrease label size.

Search facility:-

Search facility helps in searching places, facilities, etc in the map efficiently.

Non Spatial Information:-

This application also allow user to get details information about the selected place in the Map. Its shows details such as population, area, literacy rate, etc for a particular state, country, etc.

Multi-Layer facility:-

One can load multiple layers of the same map at the same time which helps in giving full details of a particular map.

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