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Spatial problems such as transportation, resource allocation, and distribution require network analysis. For instance, the famous traveling salesman problem to visit a number of nodes of a network connected by segments is an integral part of network analysis. In transportation, the nodes may be towns, connected by roads, and subject to accessibility, and other conditions. It may be most efficient to visit the towns in a particular order. This is often referred to in network analysis as routing. Subject to existence of barriers (road conditions, law-and-order problems, the optimal route will vary. The network analysis module supports a range of these conditions and provides the optimal route.

Some of the key features of this modules are :

  • This module provides the shortest distance from source to destination.
  • It also solves Allocation problem of finding the supply nodes for the demand nodes.
  • This module also finds out the shortest distance from source to destination considering the different barriers across the route.

Shortest Path between source and destination Allocation problem Shortest Path With and Without Barrier
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