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Data input in a GIS is a very broad description - where the data can come from reports compiled by various governmental agencies, digitized data from maps prepared by surveying departments, satellite images, and so on.The Input Output module gives the facility to import data with other formats into GRAM++ format.

The GRAM++ vector and raster data can also be exported into various formats.

This module supports:

  • Import of data files from various formats, exports GRAM++ files to different formats and Geo-Registration of maps
  • Vector data files of GRAM GIS, DVD format (Survey of India, Digital Vector Data format), Arc/Info Ungen, ArcView shape and AutoDesk DXF formats can be imported to GRAM++ Vec format
  • Raster Data files of GeoTiff, GRAM GIS, RAW data, JPEG, BMP format, NRSA IRS CD-Format can be imported to GRAM++ RAS format
  • Export provides facilities to export GRAM++ VEC file into ArcView Shape, DXF, GEO (without topology) and ARC/INFO UNGEN format; RAS file into Raw, BMP, JPEG and ArcView Grid (ASCII) formats
  • GeoTrans helps in Geo-Registration of maps of various scales and resolutions by selection of ground control points and resampling

Import of DVD Data To GRAM++ VEC Format Export from Gram++ VEC to ArcView Shape Vector-Vector GeoTrans
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