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Creation of spatial digital database by digitization of existing maps and other data sources is one of the important functions in GIS. Also a digitized vector map may contain various types of errors such as segment breaks, overshoots, slivers, imbedded lines etc.

Map edit module supports:

  • On screen digitization of scanned maps and conversion of digitized coordinates into ground coordinates using tic marks, projection and scale
  • Clean helps to remove the digitizing errors in the vector data such as overshooting segments, hanging segments, duplicate segments etc.
  • Topology can be built for the formation of polygons and the vector layer can be rasterized into a raster layer choosing the resolution.
  • Attribute tables get created for point, segment and polygon layers.
  • Support for map projections including Polyconic, UTM, Equatorial Mercator, Lambert 2 Standard Parallel, Albers 2 Standard Parallel, Stereographic, Miller, Gnomonic, Planimetric Import of GPS Data.
  • Creation of raster maps from each layer, based on the value of any attribute in the associated database.

On Screen Digitization Of Scanned Map Cleaning Of Map After Digitizing Raster Map With Database
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