Vector Analysis

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Digital image processing support is essential in GIS to handle raster data sets such as satellite remotely sensed images, and scanned maps. A custom header is designed in GRAM++ which is appended to every raster image imported into the raster database.

The software provides support for:

  • A vector map can be displayed and the user can examine the associated attribute data for each point / segment / polygon using the linkage between the map data and attribute database.
  • SQL base queries can be generated using a simple graphical user interface on the attribute database, and vector objects satisfying the query can be highlighted on the map. This is one of the simplest and most often used form of interactions in a GIS.
  • This module also assists in the generation of statistical maps using the attribute databases.
  • Queries across multiple tables/ Queries within a user-specified window.
    The data can be accessed from any Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC) compliant database.
  • A hierarchy of maps for eg. from country level to village level can also be generated using child map facility.
  • Some of the database operation including addition,deletion and modification of fields can be done using this module.

Mulilayer Display Of Vector Map SQL Based query and its Result Hierarchical Map Display
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