Bhugol GIS Pvt. Ltd. is positioned uniquely as the sole distributor of a full featured software product, GRAM++. In addition we also provide GRAM++ toolkit, a set of components that can be easily customized in a front-end language e.g. Visual Basic or Visual C++ to build a customized application for the end user. Also on offer is e-Tutor an interactive self-learning tool that allows the user to learn the concepts of GIS through theory, quizzes, hands-on exercises and other interactive features.

GRAM++ is a Geographic Information System software package developed indigenously at the Centre of Studies in Resources Engineering, IIT Bombay. The software is organized as a number of modules including Import/Export of different format data, Map Editing, Raster Analysis, Vector Analysis, Network Analysis, Terrain modeling and watershed delineation, Digital Image Processing, and Map Layout.

Web Gram Server

Web Gram Server is a server-based geographic information system (GIS). It comes with out-of-the-box services for spatial data management, visualization, and spatial analysis. Web Gram Server offers open access to extensive GIS capabilities that enable organizations to publish and share geographic data, maps, analyses over web. Web Gram Server works with OGC compatible GML 2.1.2 file standard. High performance GIS applications can be built using Web Gram Server.


The e-tutor for GIS has been designed considering the requirements of wide range of users. The system has been made fully interactive and the users can proceed step by step. The GIS theory is categorized under 22 broad sections and each section has a series of subsections, explained through text and graphical illustrations, supplemented with hands-on exercises. GIS applications are showcased explaining the data used, methodology and the results. In addition to GIS theory, GIS functions such as network analysis, database queries etc. are illustrated through graphical animations. A bibliography covering GIS related literature and GIS glossary are also provided. Uniqueness of this tutor lies in the fact that it includes self-learning exercises along with a self-contained software package and sample data to provide hands-on training on GIS functionality. Macromedia Director MX was used in the development of the training tool as it supports hyperlinks between topics, display of graphical images and text with animations.


GRAM++ VecViewer is a simple yet powerful tool that helps users in retrieving, displaying and querying on their data sets available on GRAM++ GIS database. Cartographic layouts based on user’s query could also be prepared and printed for subsequent use.


Data Preparation Toolkit (DPT) is a customized stand-alone subset of GRAM++ that helps a user in preparing and organizing the data sets in an error-free and topologically structured format useful in developing GIS databases. The tool also supports map layout to compose cartographic quality maps.


Raster Analysis Kit is a tool for spatial modeling. In GIS environment spatial modeling is an important requirement in applications like land suitability analysis, soil erosion assessment, watershed delineation, water resources budgeting and environmental impact studies.

Easy GIS Toolkit

The run-time versions of Easy GIS Toolkit serve a wide range of applications. In order that the application users are capable of building customized applications embedding GIS functionality, a programmer’s toolbox has also been developed. The toolbox is available in the form of a collection of ActiveX controls (WebCtl, SelectionRenderer, QueryRenderer, SpatialRenderer and ClassRenderer objects) that can be accessed from easy to use programming environments e.g. Visual Basic.
The ActiveX controls can display a map with multiple layers, pan/zoom, select features for query, select features by user define shape, classify features into categories and update attribute database. The objects included in the toolbox support applications to be built on a web server accessible by Netscape and Internet Explorer.

Android App

The "Spatial Data Viewer" is an Android App which will help user to download custom maps and work with the application offline. It is developed for Android 2.0 and later versions


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