Spatial database design and development – Bhugol is capable of providing an organization with solutions for their spatial database needs. Be it design of large Geodatabses or simply incorporating spatial data into a database and providing the user an easy-to-use application, Bhugol does it all.

Data conversion between various file formats – GIS data today is available in a large number of proprietary formats e.g. Shape, DVD, Vec etc. The end-user often needs to have all his data available in one format for analysis. Bhugol provides data conversion services to enable you to ease your analysis functions.

  • Integrated survey using Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS techniques
  • Customized application development
  • Capacity building in GIS and Remote Sensing techniques
  • Turnkey Project Implementation
  • Photogrammetry, Interpretation of Remote Sensing data
  • Digital Elevation Modeling and Contour map generation
  • Digital Surface Geodatabase Modeling
  • GIS Consulting for Urban Planning, Natural Resources Management etc.

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